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  Wishing you a great holiday in Didim Altinkum Turkey in 2015
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  The Sacred Way Didim Altinkum Turkey

Sacred way or King Road..

Other popular attraction in Didim is the Sacred Way, though situated outside the temple it still bears an important relation to the temple. According to legend both Apollo and Artemis were born in Didim, but though the temple of Apollo was built in Didim, the temple of Artemis was built in Miletus. These two places were originally connected by a road, which is known as The Sacred Way.

The Sacred Way passes through a small depression which some authorities believe may mark the site of the sacred grove mentioned by Strabo.

A sacred road, paved with stones was built stretching from Didyma to Miletus and it was covered in four days of walking by those who wanted to visit the temple of Apollo or to appeal to the oracle. On both sides of this sacred road, there were marble statues of Brankhids sitting.

Twelve statues of these very famous examples of archaic art, namely 8 men, two women and two lion statues were taken to the British Museum by C.N. Newton in 1858. Another group almost the same In numbers, found later, today decorate Louvre, Berlin and Istanbul Archaeological Museums. Four smaller samples are to be found in Miletus Museum.
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