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  Wishing you a great holiday in Didim Altinkum Turkey in 2015
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  Medusa Head Didim Altinkum Turkey

Giant Medusa Head.. don't miss it!

Nearby the resort of Didim with the Temple of Apollo where the famous snake-adorned head of Medusa stands, and the sheer size of the columns is truly amazing.

Medusa was a mortal till she got the attention of two pagan gods Athena and Poseidon. According to the myth whilst Athena had love against Medusa, she choosed Poseidon and Athena used his powers on her by making her looking ugly with snakes in her hair.

Athena also because of his jealousy he didn’t wish anyone else to see her so then she was petrifying everyone with her eyes. And finally Athena helped and convinced to Perseus about bringing Medusa’s head. The giant Medusa head lying on the ground nearby came from the 2 c. A.D. frieze which ornamented the architrave over the outer row of columns.
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