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  Wishing you a great holiday in Didim Altinkum Turkey in 2015
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  Temple of Apollo Didim Altinkum Turkey

One of the must-see attractions of Didim Altinkum..

The temple was built several times in history and never given a chance to be completed. Firstly at 2nd millennium B.C and last time rebuilt with the period of Alexander the Great at 3 c. B.C.

It is rare to see an open-air temple but because of its huge width and length it was even hard for masters of Greeks. There used to be 122 columns in two row surrounded the temple in a length of 60 meters.

Firstly mentioned at the writings of Charles Texier and C.N. Newton, travelers, and first inquiries were started by British at the mid of 19 th c.

Predictions at Didyma were made by a prophetess who had fasted and purified herself. The method was by looking to sacred spring at the inner part of temple and inhaling vapour rising from it. Then the words of prophetess uttered in a state of delirium, were noted by the priest .

The earliest recorded prophecies date from the 6.c. B.C. While many are on personal matters – for example, should the enquirer get married, start a business, make a journey or embark on a life of piracy – some are concerned with affairs of state.

The oracle foretold Alexander’s victory at Gaugamela and warned Seleucus I Nicator against crossing to Europe. Seleucus disregarded the advice and was assasinated by Ptolemy Ceraunus, the son of his old friend and ally.

It was an oracle center widely served to wealthy citizens. Clients had to purifie themselves with a water from the well in front of the temple. Then they offered sacrifice – the victim was usually a goat – to determine if the god were present.

The Temple of Apollo is probably the most popular attraction to see in Didim Altinkum.

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