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  Wishing you a great holiday in Didim Altinkum Turkey in 2015
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  Ancient city of Priene, close by Didim Altinkum Turkey

Priene is a well preserved and good example of Hellenistic city in Turkey. Priene was among the 12 Ionian cities of Asia Minor. It is acropolis on the foot-hills of Mycale, about 6 miles north of the Maeander. It was formerly on the sea coast, but now lies some miles inland. Its history goes back as early as 4th C BC.

The ruins, which lie in successive terraces, were the object of missions sent out by the English Society of Dilettanti in 1765 and 1868, and have seen thoroughly laid open by Theodor Wiegand (1895-1899) for the Berlin Museum.

You can see a grid plan city like cities in North America and walk around the streets and feel the atmosphere.

The Temple of Athena is the highlight your visit.
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